The popular Game of Thrones couple, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, were spotted for the first time in London yesterday since they announced their wedding news. The actress was seen flashing her diamond Engagement Ring. The two first met on the sets of “Game of Thrones” back in 2012. Kit Harington plays the role of Jon Snow and Leslie used to play the role of Snow’s love interest, Wildling Ygritte. They instantly fell for each other in real life and began dating from 2012 onwards. Earlier this year, Leslie moved into Harington’s house as well.

The actor confirmed in October that they were planning on getting married soon.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's relationship

According to a report by The Sun, the couple is generally known for keeping a low profile. Even their wedding news received official confirmation through a small ad listing in The Times newspaper. In the ad, Harington was seen wearing a black-colored flat cap and Leslie sported a warm woolen cardigan that she decided to pair up with a funky-looking trilby. Later in the day, she was photographed driving alone. This is where her engagement ring was clearly visible. The Sun quoted sources close to the couple as saying that the celebrities haven't decided on any date for their wedding as of yet.

But they have informed their close family members and friends about the news. The source further went on to add that Harington has always wanted to get married to Leslie. He has known that she is the right one since 2012. He was reportedly waiting for them to settle down in the live-in relationship first. They moved in together in January of this year.

What Kit has to say?

Harington has been vocal about his love for Rose Leslie. In several interviews, he is often heard saying how he finds a best friend in her. When they moved in together, he was asked about how he felt. Harington replied by saying that the experience is truly exciting. He said that he has fun watching Leslie decorate the house as she has many ideas.

He also said that he has made it very clear to Leslie that she has to treat the house as their home and not exclusively his.

Meanwhile, shooting for “Game of Thrones” Season 8 has officially begun. The cast and crew members of the series were spotted in Spain. The next installment is expected to premiere in 2019. This is the last season of the show. “Game of Thrones,” however, is going to receive several spin-offs. Novel writer George R. R. Martin was reported as saying that up to five seasons will be formed this time.