Netflix introduced “Stranger Things” and brought back the Stephen King-like, noir-themed TV series to the mainstream audience. The show has been a major hit so far and is now returning for its long-awaited second season. According to Business Insider, the show’s first season managed to bring 8.2 million viewers in the first 16 days. With this, “Stranger Things” managed to become more popular than “Daredevil,” and “Jessica Jones,” as well. Many fans were delighted to find out that the show was returning in the form of a second season.

New trailer

A new trailer "Stranger Things 2" has been published online.

The clip showcases Eleven’s character in the show. This indicates that she might try using her memory strategy to escape the Upside Down universe. Last season, Eleven sacrificed her life to save her friends. She has been stuck in the alternate universe since then. Fans weren’t sure whether she was dead or alive until now. The trailer flashes a string of random words as well. The list includes words like, “four to the left,” “three to the right,” “Sunflower,” “rainbow,” and “450.”

More regarding ‘Stranger Things 2’

A report by Entertainment Weekly carries nine new photos from the show. The list of photos included covers of the second season. One of these covers consisted of the enemy that the town might have to take on this time.

The enemy is called the “Shadow Monster,” and he also belongs to the “Upside Down” universe. The fans will get to see many new faces this time. A new character named Bob Newby will be played by actor Sean Astin. He is apparently Joyce’s new love interest. Dacre Montgomery is playing the role of Billy. Another teenage boy called Max (played by Sadie Sink) has also been added.

Billy is Max’s stepbrother.

In August, Entertainment Weekly published a post that consisted of a few script pages for “Stranger Things 2.” Thanks to this leak, fans were able to receive a preview to the upcoming sequences. In this preview, the boys are hanging out at “The Palace” gaming parlor. Dustin’s (Gaten Matarazzo) high score in Dig Dug machine has finally been beaten by a mysterious player called Mad Max (Sadie Sink).

He is shocked to discover that. Meanwhile, the boys get introduced to Keith (played by Matty Cardarople), a new employee at the parlor. Even though, he is 34 years old – he is seen as seamlessly getting along with the boys. Keith is the nerdy kind and will be seen hanging out with Dustin’s friends this season. “Stranger Things 2” is going to launch on Netflix on October 27, 2017.