Hannibal TV series is set to return with Season 4. The show along with its numerous plot twists and psychological games managed to win the hearts of many. This is the main reason why it even ended up surviving till the third season. According to a report by Den Of Geek, the showrunners might be planning a fourth season soon. Thanks to the effort applied by writer Bryan Fuller – the show gained recognition among the masses. “Hannibal” season 3 finale seemed like a conclusion to the entire series. At the same time, there were so many portions of “Silence of The Lambs,” that still weren’t explored in the TV show.

Moreover, as noted by Den of Geek, writer Fuller had a lot more content to offer to his audience. There was no chance that the show would conclude with the third season. All these predictions riled up demands for a fourth season. It seems that the “Hannibal” 4 might actually be in the making.

Will Graham to turn into a monster

Hannibal Lecter has been showcased as manipulating Will Graham into becoming a monster just like him in all of the three seasons of the show. Clearly, he has been unsuccessful at it. Hannibal can be seen using his psychopathic tendencies to full potential, but this does not have any effect on Graham. This might end up changing in the next season. Fuller is the kind to provide unexpected plot twists at the oddest times.

Just when the audience is least expecting Graham to change, he might end up doing so.

Bits and pieces from 'The Silence of The Lambs'

Hannibal is primarily based on the antagonist character of the psycho-thriller movie, “The Silence of the Lambs.” Much of the characteristics that he possesses are what was showcased in the film.

There are a lot of things, however, that hasn't been explored in the TV series as yet. According to a report by Den of Geek, the showrunners might have a difficult time perfectly adapting the cult movie. One of the main reasons why this could happen is because the TV show already represents a unique theme of its own, which – in many ways – is pretty contrasting to what is showcased in the movie.

Will Graham, however, will be put to optimum use to achieve this. His character is based on the novels named, “Red Dragon.” Clarice too has an important role to play in the series. “Hannibal” season 4 hasn’t received an official confirmation by AXN as yet. It remains to be seen whether the next installment actually transforms into reality.