Kit Harington revealed in an interview with Heat Magazine how his fiancée, Rose Leslie, forced him to attend a birthday as his Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow. The 30-year-old star revealed that what happened was a big indiscretion, but he was left with no choice.

The actor narrated that the costume party’s theme was in “bad taste” for him, but he just went along with it. His girlfriend of five years even threatened him that if he didn’t do it, she would not love him anymore.

The sad costume party

“I was in Aberdeen, and I left it really late to get a costume,” Kit Harington told Heat Magazine.

The “Gunpowder” actor went on to say that there was only one shop open at the time, so he went in. The woman who was working at the shop told him that he really looked like a certain “Game of Thrones” star. She then said that she got a costume that would perfectly fit him. It turned out to be a Jon Snow outfit.

As the woman pulled out the attire, he said that Rose Leslie whispered in his ear and said, “I won’t love you if you don’t wear it … You should do it.” So, he was left with no choice and just accepted the challenge even if he felt like it was “really embarrassing.”

Kit Harington also admitted that the people bringing round canapés were all looking at him because of his costume.

He even believed that some were thinking that he was a sad man for dressing as his own famous character, Jon Snow, from “Game of Thrones.” He said that the woman who sold the costume later realized who he really was.

What was even sadder for him was going to a fancy dress shop and ending buying his own television role's outfit.

The unplanned engagement

Meanwhile, in his appearance on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” Kit Harington revealed how he popped the question earlier than he was supposed to when he proposed to his girlfriend, Rose Leslie.

The English actor revealed that his proposal wasn’t actually planned.

He just suddenly asked her when he felt like it. He originally intended to propose with string lights, trees, and other romantic stuff around them. But, as they were together under a beautiful night sky with a log fire burning and wine on hand, “he blew his load already.”

Realizing what he just said, he then apologized to Jonathan Ross for using the wrong word and described it to be a “really bad expression.” He then explained that he asked his former “Game of Thrones” co-star earlier than he was supposed to.

The couple took the traditional way of announcing their engagement through The Times newspaper. They first met on the set of HBO’s original television series in 2012 and have been dating ever since.