Earlier this year, it was announced that Josh Brolin landed the role of Cable in the highly anticipated "Deadpool 2," which brings back Ryan Reynolds as the titular character. Fans were surprised to find out the news, as Brolin is already Thanos in the MCU, and is set to star in next year's "Avengers: Infinity War" and its sequel releasing the following year. Recently, the 49-year old actor shed more light on his role as Cable and how he will be a part of "Deadpool 2." Brolin told Collider that the upcoming film is Cable's "introduction...it's a proper reveal." The actor said that "this is the beginning of Cable and absolutely not the end." He added that it was important for them to be particular about how this character is introduced in the upcoming film, given that he is also set to appear in "X-Force." Here's what he had to say about the character's journey moving forward.

Josh Brolin on Cable's revelations

In "Deadpool 2," viewers will be introduced to Cable, who is Deadpool's partner in crime. In the comic books, Cable is Nathan Summers, the biological son of Cyclops/Scott Summers and Madelyn Pryor, who is Jean Grey's clone. It's unclear just how the upcoming film will be faithful to the comic book roots of the character, but it will be interesting to see this iteration of the character. Josh Brolin admitted that there's "a lot to be revealed" once the film arrives next year, but there will be more about the character to get to know when "X-Force" follows "Deadpool 2." The actor said that in next year's film, there's a "sense of mystery" in the reveal of his character, again because of the many things about him that viewers have yet to learn.

Actor gives an 'X-Force' update

Interestingly, "Deadpool 2" star Josh Brolin also hinted at the developments on the "X-Force" front, saying that director Drew Goddard is already on board to helm the film. In fact, the actor has already met with Goddard once and that Reynolds and Goddard are already developing the film together.

Nonetheless, Brolin did assure that Cable's appearance in "X-Force" films will highly depend on the success of "Deadpool 2." He did clarify though, that when the "X-Force" film does come around, viewers will be with Cable "full blown all the time." Right now, there's no release date set for either "Deadpool 2" and the "X-Force" films but Cable is set to join Reynolds on the big screen with the sequel to the 2016 hit R-rated film from director Tim Miller.