The latest “How to Get Away With Murder,” Season 4 episode provided a lot for viewers to take in. Laurel was not only busy trying to get back at her father, she was also busy having an affair with Frank. WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

Playing with fire

Still grieving over Wes’s death, Laurel seems to be confronting danger from all directions. She’s not only trying to provoke retribution from her supposedly dangerous father, she is also risking retaliation from her boss for her secret misdeeds. Bonnie, who half-heartedly hired Laurel at Frank’s pleading, has no idea that Laurel has been sleeping with her boyfriend behind her back all this time.

And while Laurel already expressed feelings of guilt over her shenanigans with Frank, it’s only a matter of time until Bonnie finds out about it — and things are bound to get really ugly.

Whose baby?

Laurel has always claimed that she is pregnant with Wes’ baby, and no one dared question her until Frank decided to ask. Apparently, Laurel had a one-night stand with Frank while she was in a relationship with Wes, and Frank thinks there’s a likelihood that the child that Laurel is carrying might just be his. But is Laurel really pregnant with Wes’ baby? Or is it Frank’s child that she’s been carrying all along? Frank seems convinced that Laurel’s baby is his, and there appears to be an off chance that he might actually be right about it.

The truth

Trouble and drama are bound to follow Laurel everywhere she goes as revelations about her late lover’s untimely death are expected to surface in the upcoming episodes of the show. The truth about her pregnancy — which was never in question until Frank raised the matter — is also expected to be addressed in the same episodes.

But will Laurel take measures to find out whether the baby she’s carrying is actually Wes’ and not Frank’s? And will she accept the baby even if it wasn’t Wes’?

Dangerous discovery

Oliver, Michaela, and Laurel seemed to have found something important as they sought to find details about Jorge Castillo's Antares Group that might have anything to do with anything criminal.

After breaking into Tegan's computer, Oliver and Michaela found a cease and desist order that may have had something to do with the death of one of Antares' former executives. But does this discovery have anything to do with the bloodshed that followed shortly after? "How to Get Away With Murder" Season 4's next episode, "Stay Strong, Mama", seems to hold the answer.