Rick and Morty” season 3 concluded last weekend. Fans were informed that there will be a fourth season. In the episode’s post-credit scene, Mr. Poopy Butthole announced that the viewers would probably have to wait a really long time for it. This is assumed to an official confirmation that a Season 4 is in the making. The character further added that by the time the next installment comes out, he will probably have a long bear and grand-children. Fans had to wait for two years until “Rick and Morty” season 3 finally came out. But it seems that they will have to wait for much longer than that for season 4.

Rick's wish to taste Szechuan McNugget

Right at the beginning of the third season, Rick had expressed his wish to taste McDonald’s limited edition Szechuan McNugget dipping sauce. In reality, this sauce has long vanished. Last time, the food-chain offered this dipping was back in 1998. The show-creator, Jack Roiland attempted at sending McDonald’s a message through his famous show, “Rick and Morty.” Turns out, the fast-food chain is going to fulfill his wishes. According to a report by Den of Geek, McDonald's posted a special “Szechuan Sauce” poster on its official website a few days back. The poster consists of a very space-like background and has little aliens located all over it. Season 3 is the most watches in show's history.

Dan Harmon's criticism plus season four updates

According to a report by Express, show writer Dan Harmon faced severe criticism due to the delay. When asked about the backlash, he simply blamed the delay onto wanting perfection in the show. He took to Twitter to address the matter. In a tweet, he said that the reason why the show was delayed is that it took them longer to write.

The members behind the show were scared to make the third season-worst than the first two. He assured the fans that there won’t be any more delays. He admitted that he regrets that the third season was delayed by so long and that they will make sure it won’t happen again. They are working on avoiding such things from taking place again.

Last week, Harmon revealed their plans on writing 14 episodes for the next installment. Up till now, all the three seasons consisted of 10 episodes. The show’s main writers, Jack Roiland and Dan Harmon were considering adding four more episodes to the third season. But they felt like the team members weren’t ready for it. Harmon teased the idea for the fourth season.