Kailyn Lowry recently graduated from college. In a recent interview with Radar! Online, she talks about the unique experiences of her life. These include the numerous plastic surgeries that she has gone through. She talks about how she has had a Brazilian butt-lift done. Kailyn has also undergone a tummy tuck surgery. She exclusively revealed to the media publication that she underwent plastic surgery.

Kailyn Lowry on Botox experience

Kailyn admitted the Botox experience did not end well for her. Following which, she also stated that this is where she draws the line.

The last surgery that she had was a neck liposuction. This took place in January 2016. She consulted the well-known doctor, Michael Salzhauer. In fact, Salzhauer – who is even known as Dr. Miami, posted videos and pictures of the entire procedure.

The botox experience miserably failed for her. This isn’t the first time that plastic surgery has ended up badly for her. Back in June 2016, she ended up with swollen lips after an unsuccessful lip filling technique. At that time, she admitted that she tried to get lip fillers but had a negative reaction to it. In her recently-launched book, “Hustle and Heart,” Kailyn talks about all her surgeries. She narrates the bad experiences that she has had with these procedures.

Slowly and steady Kailyn is experiencing the improvements in her body.

Lowry's struggle with eating

Lowry revealed that she has struggled with eating disorders for years. She has been self-conscious about her body weight. She believes that it is something that you can never completely get over. Her ultimate goal in life was to be at peace with her body, but that never took place.

In reality, she was quite aware of her body-type. Lowry tried working out by joining Crossfit. But, she wasn’t happy with the results that she achieved. She also maintained a healthy diet to be in good shape. Her desired outer appearance would give her confidence, she said. Thus, she switched to plastic surgery to receive quick results.

After several bad experiences, it appears that the reality TV star is finally done with going under the knife. Whether this feeling is short-lived or not, is something that only time will tell. New episodes of “Teen Mom 2” air every Monday on MTV. Additional details about this matter will be provided in the near future. According to HollywoodLife, Lowry is unhappy with Javi as her ex, Javi recently took Briana to Disneyland.