"Real Housewives of New Jersey" reality star Teresa Giudice is reportedly making plans to change her life in a big way once her husband Joe Giudice is released from prison. New reports from In Touch reveal that Teresa has revealed she is over her marriage to Joe. It has been an incredibly tough time all around for Teresa first with the court cases, her prison term and now Joe serving his time leaving her to make ends meet and raise four daughters on her own.

Teresa Giudice blames Joe for troubled life

To say it has put a strain on her marriage to Joe would probably be putting it mildly.

According to to the report Teresa Giudice is also carrying some resentment deep down against Joe and blames him for all their legal issues. In Touch writes that a source close to the Giudice family told them that Teresa, 45, is just ready to "end" her marriage to Joe and she already has set some of her plans in motion.

"After everything, Joe put her through, she feels she deserves the freedom to do whatever she pleases." The same source also alleges that Teresa has been enjoying her freedom from Joe, has been going out and having the time of her life. Many fans believe that Teresa is too dedicated to her family, and her marriage to ever end things with Joe. However, she has learned over the years she is more than capable of surviving on her own and making her own way in life.

Teresa is ready to move on

"If things with Joe aren’t good... between us when he gets home, I’d absolutely end our relationship." Teresa wrote in her recent book. The big question is how will Joe Giudice handle Teresa leaving him? He will be coming fresh from a lengthy prison stay, needing to get his civilian bearing about him, and his whole world could come crashing down around him.

It will be a rough divorce should Teresa make the big decision. The couple has been together a long time and shares four daughters Gia, 16, Gabriella, Milania, 11, and Audriana, 8 together.

How will the girls handle mom and dad's possible split?

Gia has a bit of an attitude against Joe anyway, it was clearly noted on the reality series "Real Housewives of New Jersey" during Teresa's prison stay.

The other three girls are a bit younger and will probably feel the effects a bit harder but after Joe's 31-month absence they will most likely grow accustomed to having mom around and Joe's continued absence will not cause quite the sting.

Whatever Teresa Giudice decides to do once Joe is released, either way, fans are in her corner marriage is hard enough for most couples, going through the drama and trauma that Teresa and Joe are going through makes it nearly impossible to imagine. and will surely make for great reality TV drama.

Do you believe Teresa will leave Joe once he is released from prison?