Maci Bookout doesn't say much when she's not filming "Teen Mom OG." As it turns out, Bookout is very busy in Tennessee with her family, as she's the mother of three children and she's focusing on making her marriage to Taylor McKinney work. While filming "Teen Mom OG" last year, she revealed that it was tough to make her marriage work as the focus was often on the children. She felt like they were losing one another, so they went to marriage counseling, so they could learn to communicate.

But that appears to be Maci's only issue on the show. Plus, Bookout has plenty of fans so when she shared a message on social media about keeping MTV, she thought she would get support.

She revealed that a cable provider was threatening to drop MTV and when she asked her followers to reach out to ensure they didn't lose MTV and lose their access to "Teen Mom OG," her followers had some interesting replies. According to a tweet that was later deleted, Maci Bookout wanted to send a positive message, but it sounds like she didn't get that in return.

Deleting her request again

It is interesting that Maci Bookout decided to delete her request. Perhaps she deleted it because MTV had asked her to share the news, and then she changed her mind. But it is also possible that she deleted it because her request called attention to some horrible issues that were featured on the show.

As it turns out, Maci Bookout is now facing random comments about all of the issues her co-stars have gone through.

It seems completely unfair to give that responsibility to Maci, as she can't fix her co-stars' mistakes.

Fans slam her over other people's mistakes

Before she deleted her post, Maci Bookout read through comments that included messages from viewers that were not happy with MTV and their decision to encourage things like drug use, spousal abuse, and Child Abuse.

These are all issues that have played a role on the show, but Maci herself has never dealt with child abuse or spousal abuse. She had never dealt with drugs either until she had a feeling that Ryan Edwards may have a Xanax problem. But since she isn't doing drugs herself or living with Ryan, it managed to take a backseat in her life.

It didn't affect her like Jenelle Evans' heroin problem did with her.

What do you think about Maci Bookout facing issues from her co-stars? Are you surprised that this "Teen Mom OG" star is facing these harsh comments from fans, as she's never had these issues herself?