Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful" the old Quinn Fuller reared her head once again. Viewers knew that this woman had not truly changed, and only needed the right circumstances to push her over the edge. Mateo innocently lets Ms. Fuller know that her son has been at Katie Logan's house for several hours. Quinn walks through the front door and keeps going until she finds Wyatt and his new lover in bed together. Mommy dearest loses it and attacks Katie in her own home. She drags her out of bed and demands that Wyatt never see her again. She literally threatens Katie right in front of her son.

The old Quinn is now back on the surface and probably will remain.

Quinn is still certifiable

When Katie lets it slip that Eric knows about her and Wyatt dating, Quinn takes her crazy to a new level. She carries on as if her son s a teenager living under her roof, and does not listen when both he and Katie insisted that she stay out of their business. She carriers on so bad that Katie and Wyatt have to force her to leave.Once she is gone, Katie tells Wyatt that the old Quinn is back, and says his mother is certifiable.

Quinn was losing it when she found her son with her frenemy is not even the worst of it. She goes home and jumps Eric because he did not tell her he knew about Wyatt and Katie. This is the first time Ms.

Fuller/Forrester has allowed her husband to see her dark side. Unknown to her Mateo, her masseuse is listening, and he sends a text to Shiela, letting her know there is trouble in paradise.

Mateo and Shiela will now take Quinn down

Eric tells his spouse that her son and Ms. Logan are consenting adults, who can choose whoever they want to date.

When he mentions Katie's virtues, Ms. Forrester screams at him that she will not allow the relationship to continue. Eric he walks out on his wife, and as she is crying, Mateo walks over. When Quinn says she is all alone, her masseuse tells her that she has him, and gives him a hug.

Mateo has decided to take Sheila up on her offer to seduce Mrs.

Forrester and break up her marriage. She has no idea that by allowing this man to give her massages, confiding in him, and now laying in his arms she is falling right into Sheila's trap. Mateo now is aware of Quinn's weak spot and will use it against her. Before she knows it, Wyatt and Katie will be the least of her worries, and her marriage will be in jeopardy.

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