It sounds like Teresa Guidice might be in trouble once again. The star of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" actually spent some time in jail and now her husband Joe is behind bars. These two have had their ups and downs, but seem to be pushing through and staying together. Teresa is taking care of their girls on her own while he is spending his time in prison. Starcasm revealed that Teresa is in hot water again. So what is going on with the real housewife?

Teresa Giudice has a new legal issue

It turns out that her probation officer is not happy about the fact that she had interactions with the police twice and didn't tell the probation office about it.

If Teresa Giudice deals with the police, she is supposed to share about what went down. In September of 2016, Teresa got a ticket for an illegal turn from Port Authority Police Department in New York. She didn't let them know about it, though.

This isn't the only time that Teresa Giudice had a run in with police. She also got a ticket on April 20, 2017, for using a handheld cellphone while operating a vehicle. Even though Teresa Giudice was told that she needed to let her probation officer know if she had contact with the police, she didn't tell them once again for some reason. You would think she would have learned after the first time, but it didn't happen. Teresa doesn't want to do anything that could land her back in jail once again and not home with her kids.

Here is the thing. It doesn't sound like Teresa Giudice of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" is going to be heading back to jail just yet, though. She was actually told that a violation petition will be filed against her if any other incidents of the kind occur. So basically, Teresa needs to stay out of trouble with the law, or if she does get in trouble again, she needs to at least tell her probation officer about what went down.

She has to learn that her life isn't the way that it used to be and that she has to keep the probation office informed. She hasn't been doing that the way that she should. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson now and will do it right if this happens again.

Are you shocked to hear that Teresa Giudice is in trouble once again?

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