It might not be easy for the Alaskan Bush People family to see their mother, Ami Brown, suffering from lung cancer, but it might be harder for Rainy Brown. The youngest of the clan shared her bonding with their matriarch over the weekend, and the two seemed to have so much fun.

The mother and daughter spent their morning drinking their favorite tea together and mixing some essential oils. She, too, gave an update on her mom’s health to their fans.

Rainy’s bonding with Ami

"She is now going through her second round of chemo,” Rainy Brown said about Ami Brown’s health.

Unfortunately, she can’t reveal yet how her mom’s health accepting the new batch of chemotherapy. But, they are all hopeful and faithful that she will be okay. She then thanked everyone who has been helping and supporting them during this hard time of their lives.

On the lighter note, she told their fans that they had been drinking their favorite peach tea that morning. They, too, were doing their own mix of essential oils composed of frankincense, eucalyptus, pink grapefruit, and spearmint with coconut oil and a touch of shimmer.

Well-wishes to Ami

Of course, Rainy Brown’s followers were fast to send their well-wishes to Ami Brown.

One of her followers asked her to give the “Alaskan Bush People” family a big hug and kiss from all of their fans.

The Instagram user also thanked her for giving some updates on her mother’s health. Another one gave her gratitude to the 14-year-old star for keeping their fans informed. And although they miss seeing them on television, their hearts and thoughts are always with them.

Ami’s fight against the Big C

Ami Brown was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer earlier this year.

In an interview with People, the “Alaskan Bush People” matriarch revealed that she is staying optimistic in spite of the three-percent chance of survival the doctors gave her. The 54-year-old star revealed that it would be easier to just give up and die than fighting the Big C. In fact, if she is going to think negatively, she said that it could be her last days.

"But I have the will to fight," she bravely said. She then explained that worrying about her condition could only make things worse. So, she remains hopeful and clinging to her faith in God. She said she just can’t easily give up and she is always telling people to be and stay happy. “It’s a choice,” she insisted. Although things can be really hard and some just wanted to just let things happen, they can always choose to shine.