As a lot of fans cried because of the movie Logan,” fans might be happy to know that there will be a spinoff film coming. This time, it will be all about the mysterious Laura also known as X-23.

The neo-western superhero drama movie’s director James Mangold revealed that he is now working for the sequel, and now in its early stages. In fact, he is now doing its script.

The female protagonists' emergence

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, James Mangold said that the success of Patty Jenkin’s “Wonder Woman” is clear evidence that doing movies with female protagonists can also be a big hit at the box office.

So, he believes that a lot of fans will now understand him if he does a “Logan” spinoff led by Laura. “That ends up giving me more space turning around and going,” he said. Just like Gal Gadot’s superhero movie, Mangold is also dreaming that people will love X-23’s story.

Wolverine’s last movie drew a lot of fans with its “close-ended story,” which is now rare in superhero movies. This film, too, put an end to the journey of Hugh Jackman's role. Also, it has its own storyline, which is neither connected to the other “X-Men” films nor characters. This even made Logan’s fans cry.

The new generation superheroes

The making of “Logan” cost $97 million and earned 616 million. So, it is not far that its spinoff movie will also be a big hit if James Mangold decides to pitch it.

The producer of the “X-Men” franchise Hutch Parker, on the other hand, explained (via the Mary Sue) that the sequel may not be like its original movie. However, the film has opened up a new universe that can have “different genre traditions.” The new characters seen in the movie can herald different directions in the modern world they are into.

However, although Logan pioneered this movie, Hugh Jackman won’t have something to do with the film. But, he admitted that he is also excited to see the movie about Laura. “No, I won’t be a producer on a Laura sequel,” he said. In spite of that, he promised that he will be lining up in cinemas to watch it. “She is just phenomenal,” he admitted.

The 49-year-old star also hinted that there will be a new actor playing Wolverine's role again. “I hope it will be recast,” he teased. However, the spin-off film doesn’t necessarily need to be about Logan. As it is said to focus more on Laura’s story, it could pave the way to introduce a new generation Wolverine. This, too, might be the continuation of female protagonists hitting the box office.