The Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown finally spoke up about her battle with cancer. She was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, which made it all over the news in June. She is now undergoing chemotherapy. The family moved from rural Alaska to Southern California for her treatment.

In an interview with People, the reality television star opened up about her illness, the family’s support she has been receiving, and more. She also revealed what is she feeling about it if the worse comes to the worst.

The hope she is clinging to

From 128 lbs., Ami Brown now only weighs in at 89.4 lbs.

because of lung cancer. In fact, her husband Billy Brown revealed that her doctors already give them only a 3 percent chance of survival. But, the “Alaskan Bush People” matriarch stays optimistic, fighting for her chance to live.

In fact, she told People that her illness makes her realize that is just too easy to give up and just die. However, she feels that it is no good to continue to think negatively, or her end might come early. “But I have the will to fight,” she courageously said.

The good days and bad days

Ami Brown’s nightmare started when she visited her dentist in December. While having a check up for new teeth, her doctor saw a little capsule in the scans he took.

As a matter of fact, she had already noticed something was wrong when they were filming “Alaskan Bush People” and she began feeling quite a lot of pain.

“I just thought it was my arthritis,” she told People. "Walking from the house to the garden, I would get winded. There were days I was just bedridden." After that everything changed.

The family has been very close together their entire lives, and she said that they have to "strengthen their wings" as she battles her sickness, although she knows “this was a little drastic for strengthening.”

She then revealed that they all have their fair share of good and bad days, but they all handle their emotions very well.

She, too, has faith that they will all remain strong in spite of the hurdles.

When worse comes to worst

As the doctors give them grave survival statistics, it is now a big question if Ami Brown is thinking of the worst case scenario.

The “Alaskan Bush People” star explained that worrying about her illness will only make it worse.

So, she boldly said that she will never give up. She believes that there is hope and it is found by having faith in God. Although things are now hard for them and she just wanted to “curl up,” she knows she has to overcome this trial.