Peter Kraus of "The Bachelorette" was rumored to be the guy who was cast as "The Bachelor," but it didn't happen. Instead, Arie Luyendyk Jr. was cast as "The Bachelor. Now, US Magazine is sharing that Peter Kraus is speaking out about why he chose not to be the guy on the show and is making it sound like it is his idea.

Peter talks Rachel letting him go

Peter is now speaking out and saying the few days after Rachel Lindsay were really tough on him. He was just stuck sitting there by himself and had a bit of a hard time getting over her. Just a few weeks later was when they came to him and asked him if he was interested in being "The Bachelor." The thing to remember is that they always come to several people and ask them if they want the job.

Kraus explains why he wasn't ready

Peter admits that when they talked to him about it he didn't really realize that it was a serious conversation. He said he was still having a hard time and that this wasn't something he was even thinking about. One thing Peter Kraus didn't like about the idea was that he wouldn't have total control. He explained that he is a control freak. He also saw good things about the show like maybe finding love and also finding some really great friends. Peter does admit that some of his best friends are from the show.

If you watched Peter Kraus with Rachel Lindsay, he was not ready to propose to her at the end. He admits that he may have not been ready to do it if he had been "The Bachelor" and everyone knows that this is what they expect from you at the end of the show.

He did have a conversation with Nick Viall about if he should do it or not.

It doesn't really sound like they asked Peter Kraus to do it, but he wasn't ready for it anyway. He explained his thoughts on it saying, "There was never a cold turkey like, ‘This is not happening.’ I was not ready for this and they agreed. If it were to come up again.

I would definitely consider it."

There is also a chance that Peter Kraus could end up being cast on "Bachelor: Winter Games." The fans would love to see him and then he could maybe find love without being expected to actually propose. He would just be able to walk away from the show dating someone.

Are you still surprised that Peter Kraus wasn't cast as "The Bachelor" 2018?

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