Jessa Duggar is not letting her critics have the final say on how she should manage her family and household. On Friday, the reality star was slammed for sharing photos of her messy house on Instagram. On Saturday, the mom of two explained why her home was dirty. In a lengthy post on her social media account, Jessa explained the details as to why she couldn't keep up with the household chores.

Jessa explains why her home is filthy

The "Counting On" star was definitely not happy with the backlash from her followers who continue to slam her for her messy home.

Some called her lazy for leaving her house unattended. Meanwhile, others asked how she was able to sleep at night knowing that there are still a lot of things to do, InTouch Weekly reported.

In a new Instagram post, the "19 Kids and Counting" star shared the backstory of her previous post. She took this as an opportunity to explain why her sink is full of dirty dishes, why Spurgeon's toys are scattered on the floor, why her bed sheets are stained, why she piles up the used diapers on top of her dresser, and why there are mold and dust around the house.

According to Jessa, she was making her to-do list the other day. She understands that most want to share the best things on social media. In fact, she could have waited 24 hours when she was done with all of the household chores and shared a photo of a cleaner home.

By then, her followers would see folded laundry, a sparkling stove, clean bed sheets, and an organized household. However, she chose to share a picture of her disorganized home for one reason: she wants to be real.

According to Jessa, having a restless 8-month-old baby who isn't sleeping through the night made her care less about her bed sheets.

Also, instead of doing the dishes after supper, she spends time with her husband because they only have an hour before their baby wakes up and before he does his college homework. For Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's daughter, her priority is to have family time over household chores.

Jessa also added that she already wrapped the used diaper and placed it outside their home.

Before her critics slammed her again, Jinger's sister said that she is not pitting a clean house against spending time with her kids because she believes and values both.

Jessa criticized for poor parenting

Before Jessa was mom-shamed for her messy home, she was first criticized for her poor parenting style. Earlier this week, the reality star shared a clip of her two sons. In the video, the two little boys, Spurgeon and Henry, are seated on the ground. They wore sweatshirts and pants. However, many noticed that Henry had no footwear.

A number of Jessa's followers were concerned about Henry getting sick. Meanwhile, others were worried about the mess and dirt that the tots would bring when they get inside the house.

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