"Bachelorette" contestant Peter Kraus is taking on angry fans after several threatened him with bodily harm. In the last episode, he didn't tell rachel lindsay that he loved her, which enraged a lot of viewers. Peter has shown Rachel up to this point that he's not ready to fully commit or profess his love to her. Instead of leading her on, he's being honest and transparent. Some want the perfect love story for the couple -- so much so that Peter is receiving death threats for not delivering the kind of TV they want.

Fans go mad for perfect TV love story

"Bachelorette" fans are so furious with Peter Kraus that they're sending him death threats via email and on social media. Peter went to Instagram to defend himself and express his disappointment in the "hate" messages that he's getting.

Peter started by saying he was sorry if people are disillusioned with him for not telling Rachel he was in love with her. He asserts in his message that he does "not take those three words lightly, as once they are said they can never be taken back." He added that he wanted to take his time getting to know Rachel as long as he could before saying those three words to her.

Kraus continued that he didn't think by being "honest and forthright with my feelings and emotions and allowing her to make an informed decision" would draw so much disdain for him.

Nothing he did during hometown dates "warranted such hate and anger and even now death threats via social media and email."

The reaction from fans shocked Peter. This is the first time a finalist had been in the news for receiving death threats following the hometown dates because he didn't tell the lead he loved her.

Peter wants fans to stop with the hate

"The Bachelorette" finalist concluded by encouraging people that he understands and values love and wants to be sure of his feelings before deciding to spend the rest of his life with someone. He added that he "wishes people could see that" and that he's "still human."

Peter Kraus emphasized that he took the death threats personally and wants angry fans to stop "spreading hate."

Would these fans who are threatening Peter's life prefer he not be honest with Rachel and lie to her for the sake of "good" television?

He's been transparent all along with Rachel about his feelings and how he's unsure if he'll want to propose to her at the end of the show if she picks him. For her part, Rachel is terrified that he won't reciprocate her feelings if he's the one she wants as her fiance. Only two more episodes remain until that time emerges. Will there be a significant change in Peter's feelings for Rachel before the finale?

"The Bachelorette" 2017 airs Monday nights on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.