Now that Claire has said goodbye to Frank, and she is once again free to think about her future, she contemplates returning to the past to reunite with her true love, Jamie. The problem she has had in returning to the past is that she first had problems locating Jamie. There is also the chance that he has forgotten her or doesn't have the same feelings for her that she has for him. Brianna and Roger are finally able to help her locate Jamie, and now it is up to Claire to decide whether or not she will return. She finally makes the decision to give it a shot and return to the past.

Steamy pics released

Entertainment Weekly reported that new photos were released from the set of "Outlander." The new photos reveal that Claire and Jamie head to the bedroom. They also reveal the tenseness on Claire's face as she prepares to enter the print shop that Jamie owns. Claire and Jamie share a kiss, and it quickly progresses to the bedroom. Jamie is now a printer, and his new occupation may interfere with Claire and Jamie reconnecting. Viewers are given some good hints as to how the episode will play out.

SYFY Wire revealed that the seven pictures that were released showed that the couple will finally be revealed in one of the most iconic scenes from the book. The couple will reunite in Jamie's print shop in Edinburgh.

Viewers got a taste of the scene at the end of the last episode when Claire appeared in the print shop. Jamie slowly turns around and faints when he sees Claire. Now fans will get to see the steamy reunion in full as STARZ has the episode set to air for a full 74 minutes.

Details of the reunion revealed

The Cheat Sheet reported that the reunion episode is titled A.

Malcolm. The names come from two of Jamie's names, Alexander Malcolm. He is now running a print shop in Edinburgh as A. Malcolm because he is known throughout Europe as the outlaw Red Jamie.

STARZ said in its official synopsis that Claire and Jamie would reunite and rekindle their physical and emotional bonds. Because of Jamie's new business interests, it will complicate their reunion and keep them from living the simple life they hoped for.

Executive producers chose to expand the episode from the traditional 60 minutes to 74 minutes because they believed that the regular length episode wouldn't be enough to play out the story the way it needed to be played.

Viewers saw Claire saying goodbye to Brianna and Roger in the current century and then suddenly appearing in the past. The show may backtrack to show Claire going through the stones. Viewers will finally get to see what Jamie has been up to, and now Fergus is all grown up. Fans can get the latest recap of the previous episode called "Whiskey & Freedom."