The latest episode of the popular reality show, "Hell's Kitchen" Season 17 has just been postponed to give way to this year's World Series. The Fox show, which is also called "Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars," is expected to resume next week after the conclusion of the championship series.

The all-star edition of the show premiered in September, and it gathered 16 contestants from the previous seasons to give them another shot. The winner of this season will become the head chef of the first-ever Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

No new episode this week

The fifth episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17 has been delayed to give way to the World Series, which kicked off on October 24. The World Series is the annual championship series of the Major League Baseball (MLB) in North America.

Fox, Fox Deportes, and MLB International have been broadcasting the World Series since it started. Aside from these three television networks, the MLB has acquired YouTube TV to present the sports event through an internet television service.

The championship series has been scheduled to take place until November 1. “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17 airs every Friday, so the new episode will most likely be aired on November 3.

Episode 5 spoilers

A lot of things are going to happen in the next episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17.

Fans are particularly looking forward to seeing how Josh and Robyn will work things out with their new teams.

In the previous episode, the elimination round ended with an unexpected twist. Instead of eliminating Josh, Gordon Ramsay switched him with Robyn from the Red Team The Blue Team was happy to get rid of Josh in one way or another.

However, Josh’s presence has already created friction. Elise from the Red Team has given Josh the cold shoulder because she was not happy with how things panned out.

As revealed in the preview for the next episode, Josh will try to work things out with Elise, but the latter doesn’t want to. The tension between them escalates when Josh calls out Elise for being a tyrant in the group, and to make matters worse, some of the members of the Red Team has taken Josh's side.

Elise will be taking matters in her hand, and it looks like she won’t let her team get away for betraying her. It was revealed in the preview that Elise will refuse to work on her assigned station during the dinner service, putting the Red Team in a tight position because their group performance is hanging on the line.