Jenelle Evans and her ex, Nathan Griffith, have been at odds over their son Kaiser for the past few years. The three-year-old has been the center of many feuds between the pair, especially since they have been accusing each other of both not caring for the child properly.

The pair have faced off in court, though at one point Nathan told Jenelle he he wanted to permanently give her full custody of their child so that he could move to the United Kingdom. Now, it seems, the pair are involved in a crazy game in which they attempt to goad one another through their son, prompting him to say he is unhappy at the other parents' house.

Jenelle takes a stab at Nathan's parenting

Nathan rose to a new level of petty when he threatened to not allow Kaiser to attend Jenelle's wedding back in September because it was technically his weekend to see his son. Fortunately, he acquiesced, but that didn't come without Jenelle taking swings at her ex-fiance on social media. Jenelle posted a photo of herself with Kaiser shortly before she walked down the aisle, saying that she loved her son even if the other parent in his life did not.

She has frequently questioned Nathan's parenting skills and taken jabs at his ability to parent Kaiser. Fans, however, have noted that since Nathan cannot be alone with his son, he often leaves him alone with his mother to take care of while he goes off and parties or hangs out at the gym.

Nathan fires back with a sad video

Nathan decided to "prove" that Jenelle is an unfit parent by posting a video in which he had a telephone conversation with his son. During the conversation, Nathan asked his son which house he would prefer to be at. The three-year-old answered that he wanted to be at his father's house, and said that he was crying because he missed his Nana and his father.

Nathan, of course, posted the photo to spite his ex-fiancee, and let her know that Kaiser prefers life at his house rather than at her's.

Jenelle's parenting questioned

Although Nathan is only allowed to see Kaiser in supervised visits, Jenelle's parenting has also been heavily questioned. She was recently seen on "Teen Mom 2" ignoring Kaiser's cries for food as she and her husband took photos for their "save the date" card. Fans were flabbergasted by the mother-of-three's apparent neglect of the child, and by the fact that she and David swore at him when he curiously touched the camera they were using for the photos.