The ending of "The Walking Dead" Season 8 premiere saw Father Gabriel trapped in RV with Negan. And since he had a machine gun and Negan was right in front of him with nothing but his baseball bat, the fact that he didn't just shoot him made the fans question his allegiance. Was he actually Negan's spy in Rick's camp? Was he feeding him information this whole time? Bear with us, as we further explore if this is actually possible.

Gabriel's strange behavior

At some point during the episode, we saw Rick shooting in Negan's direction with the clear intention of ending the war right there, on the spot.

Even though Negan was hiding, there's no doubt that one of the bullets would eventually find its target. Then Father Gabriel jumped in to talk Rick out of this idea. "It's not about you," he said, and Rick listened. But before leaving, he took a photograph with the clear intention to show everyone that Negan is now vulnerable.

There wouldn't be anything wrong with this situation if the priest continued to stick to the plan. He didn't, however, as he left the car to help Gregory, who is the last man worth saving, given his recent betrayal. As expected, the Hilltop leader then tricked Gabriel and took his car, and the priest was left behind. Gabriel soon took a shelter in RV where he found Negan.

A scene recap

"I hope you're wearing your sh**in' pants on, 'cause you are about to sh*t your pants" we heard Negan say. But it was Gabriel's reaction that confused the fans. He seemed pretty calm but had a strange look on his face. All in all, the scene just wasn't intense enough. It was almost if these two had a history together.

Not to mention the fact that Gabriel didn't point his machine gun in the enemy's direction. Maybe it was out of ammo? But still, Gabriel didn't even bother to check. Lastly, there is Negan's "sh**in' pants" line that can also be used when speaking about a welcome surprise.

Gabriel was always suspicious

Even though Father Gabriel seems loyal to Rick now, it wasn't always like that.

Remember when the group first came to Alexandria? It was Gabriel who told Deanna that Rick and the group are not to be trusted. Also, he led Rick's group to the "Trash People" who eventually ended up betraying them. But then again, a lot has changed since and the priest proved himself to be one of Rick's most trusted men.

Finally, with all this being said, it appears that there's a high possibility that Father Gabriel has been working for Negan this whole time. Or it could be nothing. Maybe it will be in that RV that we will finally learn Negan's backstory. After all, he is stuck with a priest. Maybe it's time for Negan to confess his sins.

Don't forget, "The Walking Dead" Season 8 Episode 2: "The Damned" will air on Sunday, October 29 at 9/8c on AMC. Check out the official material here.