As those who keep up with the “Teen Mom 2” drama know, Jenelle Evans is heading to court in less than 24 hours with the hopes of regaining custody of her oldest son Jace who is currently in the custody of her mother Barb. While fans and followers of Jenelle have hoped this would be the end of the custody battles for Jenelle, it appears as she may be going head-to-head with her ex Nathan once more.

She recently shared a disturbing picture

A recent report by a news outlet called The Ashley’s Reality Roundup called attention to a photo Jenelle shared on Instagram featuring Kaiser and his younger sister.

While the photo seemed like a sweet enough moment, some “Teen Mom 2” fans noticed what looked like several bruises on young Kaiser. Unfortunately for Jenelle, these fans took no time bringing the picture to Nathan Griffith’s attention.

There’s no evidence of abuse though

Naturally, it is worth noting there is currently no physical evidence that Kaiser is being abused. Even if the bruises were determined to be the result of abuse, there is no way of knowing whether it was Jenelle or her fiance David Eason who left said bruises. It, however, was some fans of the MTV series that began to speculate the bruises could have come from Jenelle and/or David. Some even took the speculation a step further and noted the bruises looked as though Kaiser had been forcefully grabbed by someone.

Was Kaiser being abused?

Nathan has responded to the alleged abuse

Nathan took to Twitter to urge anyone who may be putting their hands on Kaiser to “tread lightly.” His followers replied to the status asking him to check on his son and reiterating that the bruise looked as though he had been grabbed. Some even noted they had children who roughhoused and never had bruises similar to the one Kaiser had on his upper arm.

Naturally, anyone who has children know that children can get bruises all over their body for all different kinds of reasons. Being a star on “Teen Mom 2” has put Jenelle Evans and every single picture she posts of her children on the internet under the microscope of both her fans and her critics. One photo certainly isn’t enough to accuse Jenelle or David of abusing Kaiser.

However, “Teen Mom 2” fans hope Nathan will do a little investigating to make sure the concerns surrounding the photo are not true.

Do you think Jenelle or David Eason could be abusing Kaiser? Do you think Nathan will take action? Could another ugly custody battle be in her future?

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