Nathan Griffith hasn't been filming "Teen Mom 2" lately as he isn't really a huge part of Jenelle Evans' life anymore. While Jenelle has been fighting for custody of her son Kaiser, there have been accusations going back and forth that Nathan's mother filed for emergency custody after seeing some bumps and bruises on the little boy. His mother essentially accused the "Teen Mom 2" star of not being able to care for her son, even though it wasn't something major. The case was investigated but there was no evidence of abuse.

According to a new tweet, Nathan Griffith is now speaking out in an exclusive interview and he is sharing text messages to prove that he's trying to make an effort with Evans.

In the text messages, Nathan is constantly asking if he can FaceTime with his son, but she is constantly postponing the calls or reveals that Kaiser is busy eating dinner or sleeping. However, the interview reveals that he's tired of working with Jenelle as he feels he never gets to see his son. He's so tired that he's considering keeping Kaiser from her during the weekend when she's getting married.

Being used by Jenelle?

It sounds like Nathan Griffith may have done the interview so people can feel sorry for him. He keeps bringing up the past as if it is something that he was being exposed to. Although he's trying to make an effort, he does go on the defensive when it doesn't work out in his favor.

While he's just retaliating, a judge may not see this as something positive.

When a fan started inquiring about the interview, Nathan Griffith revealed that he felt Jenelle was controlling the situation because Kaiser is primarily with her. Nathan claims he did try to go to mediation with her, but it failed. She isn't working with him, which is why he's now stepping it up.

He's also been sharing screenshots of text messages. Here, Nathan is revealing that he isn't willing to work with her when it comes to Jenelle's wedding.

She's getting married on one of the weekends that belongs to Nathan and while they have switched weekends before, Griffith doesn't want to work with her.

Kaiser to miss the wedding?

The same fan wrote back to Nathan, revealing that he wasn't exactly working with Jenelle either in regards to the wedding. As she points out, Kaiser is going to have many questions if he misses the wedding. He's going to look at the wedding pictures and wonder why he wasn't present. That's when Nathan Griffith got defensive, revealing that she shouldn't talk about something she knows nothing about. She's only commenting on what he decided to share with the "Teen Mom 2" viewers.

What do you think about Nathan Griffith's decision to possibly keep Kaiser away from Jenelle's wedding?