On Friday, Mindy Kaling paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres' show and talked about her pregnancy. The actress cheerfully confirmed to the host that she's expecting for a baby girl to arrive. In a report from E! News, it was learned that Kaling confirmed the baby news herself for the first time. On her statement, she said, "I am not waiting. I wanted to know way early. I'm having a girl." Following her confirmation, confetti drops in the studio.

In the midst of her baby announcement, it was revealed that it wasn't the first time for viewers to learn about Kaling's pregnancy.

Just last month, one of her co-stars, Beth Grant, also revealed some details about her baby girl. During the interview, her friend added that Kaling is very excited to welcome her upcoming baby girl while working closely with her upcoming project, the "Wrinkle in Time."

Announcing the special news

Kaling's pregnancy news first broke in July, when a source told E! News that the actress was waiting for the arrival of a big surprise. Since then, several speculations raged online about her pregnancy. It was also during those months when the actress also confirmed the news to the reporters. Despite being pregnant, she emphasized that her shows and other projects will still continue as scheduled by the production.

When asked about how well she's handling her pregnancy, Kaling shared that she's been having a great time being a soon-to-be mother. She further added that as of this time, she enjoyed just sitting most of the time.

Oprah knows it all

Prior to Kaling's official announcement, it was learned that some of her friends already knew about her baby's gender.

In one of her interviews, it was revealed that Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon were among her friends who knew about her baby news.

Winfrey, Witherspoon, and Kaling are working closely on their upcoming movie project, "Wrinkle in Time," and she added that it was then when she announced about her baby's gender.

According to the actress, if there would be someone who's going to announce the baby news to the press, it would be Winfrey.

She added that Winfrey is the person whom she can trust about her private life. While gushing about her friendship with the actress, Kaling also shared that Winfrey is such a good person.

When she confirmed the news publicly, Kaling revealed in one of her interviews that her pregnancy is something that is already out of her hands. In the midst of her surprise pregnancy, the actress considered her journey to motherhood as a fun feeling.