The 2017 edition of WWE "Survivor Series" is set to take place at the Toyota Center in Houston Texas on Nov. 19. The event will likely see a clash between main stars of both brands, normally in team completion. However, there is now word that a big one-on-one match involving Brock Lesnar and Jinder Mahal will take place.

The Wrestling Observer reported of the big champion vs champion clash though their respective titles will not be on the line. Seeing Lesnar and Mahal go at it should be interesting though it seems to benefit the latter more. The Beast Incarnate is an established star while the Modern Day Maharajah is the heel-champion that WWE “SmackDown” has been building.

Why a singles match?

In the past, the WWE has booked team competition led by a chosen star from each show. With rivalries set, the stars are forced to set their difference aside and work cohesively to earn bragging rights.

Both "SmackDown" and "Raw" have a long list of talent, some of whom are more than capable to lead their respective teams. Hence, booking a Lesnar vs Mahal match makes sense considering both may not be fit to take on the role of captains.

Both Lesnar and Mahal have come this far without alliances. They have managed to get ahead of the rest on their own so a one-on-one should be perfect.

As far as Mahal is concerned, the current heavyweight champion from “SmackDown” has been under the radar.

The fans are divided on his title-reign with some critics believing that the push is part of the WWE’s intent to cover the Indian market. It also remains to be seen if his minions (The Singh Brothers) will have a role in the potential main event.

Lesnar likely to win

The WWE will have to do something to make the alleged Lesnar vs Mahal match interesting.

Lesnar is expected to be as cocky and quiet as before with Paul Heyman likely trading barbs with Mahal and The Singh Brothers.

Mahal does have the physique to match up with Lesnar. However, most know that the Beast fears no one and has managed to manhandle his opponents. The last one was Braun Strowman, a physical encounter that Lesnar won.

Win or lose, the storyline is likely to end after “Survivor Series 2017.” The sidelights should be interesting though expect some stars to appear out of nowhere suddenly. For Lesnar, Roman Reigns could interfere during or after the match. On the other end, Mahal could get ambushed by the likes of AJ Styles or even Randy Orton. Like in the past, these are what WWE fans will be keeping tabs with.

WWE “Survivor Series” is still a full month away. Anything can still happen. For now, the attention is on WWE "TLC" which happens on Oct. 22 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.