Mindy Kaling has neither confirmed nor denied her rumored pregnancy, but her glowing aura during the 2017 Television Critics Association seemed to fuel the rumors because she was oozing with what some would call a pregnancy glow. The said event was held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in California on Thursday, and it was the first time that Kaling appeared in public after the pregnancy news broke out.

The 39-year old actress kept it chic and sophisticated with a silver and black ensemble. At first glance, there is no visible baby bump despite the form-fitting dress that "The Office" alum wore, but it could be that she is still in the early stages of pregnancy.

However, eagle-eyed fans noted that with a closer look, there seems to be a small bump on Mindy Kaling's tummy area. As of writing, "The Mindy Project" star has remained quiet about the pregnancy rumors, leaving fans wondering if there's really a bun in the oven.

Different photos and angles

During red carpet events, several photos of different celebrities are expected to come out. As expected, there were numerous photos of Mindy Kaling during the 2017 Television Critics Association event and there were some shots that showed a pretty obvious baby bump.

According to Entertainment Tonight, there was one shot of Mindy Kaling with producer Matt Warburton that revealed a very plausible baby bump. The fans were expecting Kaling to address the pregnancy rumors linked to her but ended up grasping at straws.

Dropping major clues

While Mindy Kaling has yet to directly address the pregnancy rumors linked to her, it appears that she has dropped some clues during the TCA panel. According to Entertainment Tonight, Kaling and Warburton revealed that the finale of "The Mindy Project" will delve into the titular character's journey as a working mom.

This has sparked some theories from fans that the flow of the show might have been influenced by Mindy Kaling's real-life pregnancy. Kaling also hinted at a happy ending for "The Mindy Project" finale, saying that her character is all set to find contentment in life, not specifically in the romantic aspect but in terms of juggling career and motherhood.

For the finale of "The Mindy Project," familiar faces are expected to be seen in the upcoming episodes. Adam Pally, Glenn Howerton, and Chris Messina are just some of the celebrities who will be returning for the finale. In previous interviews, Kaling has revealed that it was a joint decision to end the show after six seasons.