Megyn Kelly's hour of "Today" may go to Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, according to a source familiar with the situation. It's no secret that Megyn's 9 am hour of the show is struggling with ratings and NBC executives are supposedly thinking about making changes already.

Ratings down 32 percent for "Today"

Page Six reports that Megyn Kelly's hour of the show has tanked by 32 percent compared to this time last year when Al Roker and Tamron Hall were hosting the show. As a result, Kathie Lee and Hoda's 10 am hour of "Today" is being affected. Their ratings are down 26 percent since having Megyn as their lead-in.

A source tells Radar Online that Megyn may swap her 9 am segment of "Today" with Gifford and Kotb's 10 am hour. The reason behind this is so Megyn has the final hour and won't impact her colleagues' ratings. The insider explains that not only would the ladies move their hours around, but the show would no longer be called "Megyn Kelly Today" and just call it "Megyn Kelly."

Is there anything to worry about for Megyn?

Page Six's source told them that the reason for the lower ratings also has to do with Megyn's format not being consistent with the "Today" brand. Her hour of the show is "distracting" from its usual format and isn't having a favorable result.

An NBC source spoke with Page Six and indicated that executives aren't that alarmed about the "Today" ratings.

In fact, she just had her highest ratings yet in a key demographic for the network this week. It's normal for ratings to move up and down until a solid foundation for a new show is established.

All of those rumors about Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb being "furious" about Megyn Kelly seem untrue as well. The source also informed Page Six that each of the "Today" hosts has taken Megyn out for dinner.

Kathie Lee just took Megyn out for lunch on Tuesday.

Megyn's Sunday night special that aired over the summer was cut short by a few weeks, causing suspicion that maybe its lower ratings has alarmed the network. Those concerns were unconfirmed, however.

Changes for "Today" remain a mystery

Will the ratings go up from here for Megyn and if not, will she host the 10 am hour that Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb currently helm?

Kelly signed a multi-million dollar contract reportedly worth $69 million over three years. A lot is expected of the former Fox News star journalist to rake in strong viewership. In her defense, Megyn just started the morning news program and the audience is still trying to make up their minds if they want to tune in for her "Today" segment.