"Jeopardy!" contestant Austin Rogers' winning streak came to an end after 12 games. The New York City bartender won $411,000 during his time on the Game Show. He lost by only $51 to the next champion Scarlett Sims of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Rogers' winning was $33,150 and Sims' winning was $33,201.

Being on the show for 12 appearance and his winnings put him in fifth place of all champions. Ken Jennings still tops the list after winning 74 games with a payday of $2,520,700. Second highest was Julia Collins who won $429,100 for her 20 games. It sure was a big gap between Jennings' 74 games and Collins' 20 games.

David Madden holds the third place championship with 19 games and $442,400. He won more money than Collins, but she won one game more than he did. Matt Jackson was in fourth place after winning 13 consecutive games and receiving $413,612. Rogers actually tied with Seth Wilson in fifth place. Both men lost after 12 games. Wilson won $265,002 which was much less than Rogers. The ranking is based on the number of consecutive games won and not the dollar amount. Also, these rankings are based on the regular season winnings. All the champions went on to win more in tournaments and other special events.

About Austin Rogers

The former champion is a 38-year-old New York City bartender. He made news not only because of his long winning streak but also because of his personality.

He was different from the other contestants who have been on the longtime game show. People tuned in each weeknight to see how Rogers would entertain them. Most contestants are more serious than Rogers was with his mannerisms, pantomiming, and wisecracks.

After losing, Rogers said he was satisfied with his run on the show. He indicated that his goal was to win only one game.

He said that he did not know the answers would come so easy for him.

Not the usual contestant

Austin was completely different from what viewers are used to seeing on "Jeopardy!" His approach to the game show was unique. He said he was not acting for the TV. He admitted that he acts that way all the time. Host Alex Trebek said in a statement that the former champion was fun.

Rogers had no idea people would be interested enough in him to tune in just to see him. He didn’t expect to be invited to appear on “Good Morning America.”

When asked what he would do with his winnings, Rogers said he doesn't have any real need for that much money. He said he lives a happy life and has everything he needs. He doesn't have a girlfriend to spend money on. He said he didn't like fancy clothes, and viewers could see that. Rogers said at this point, he will just save the money he won.

Viewers loved seeing Rogers and will miss him, but they will see him again very soon when he competes in the two-week "Jeopardy!" tournament of champions that begins on November 6.