The second season of Riverdale made its premiere on The CW this week and the 14th chapter of the series picked up immediately where the last season capped off. As promised, the new season opened with sexier and darker concepts.

The season premiere nicely revealed each major character’s current situation without having it look like it’s too crowded. However, no matter what the Andrews, Coopers, Lodges, Blossoms, and Joneses are going through right now, it’s clear that they’re heading towards more challenges.

Mystery man returns

The masked robber from “Riverdale” Season 1 shot Fred Andrews, which left him in a fatal situation, and it seems like he’s back to wreak more havoc.

Just when fans and even the gang thought that it was a simple robbery, this mysterious perpetrator went to Glendale and killed the exiled Ms. Geraldine Grundy.

Now, that it’s certain that the masked man wasn’t just any robber, as the creator of the show hinted that there’s actually more new characters coming to the show who are set on making things a bigger mess. Robert Aguirre-Sacasa and some of the cast confirmed that Betty Cooper’s long lost brother Chic, Veronica Lodge’s ex-boyfriend, Hermione Lodge’s husband Hiram, and Jughead Jones’ new female Southside Serpent friend will be introduced and they will be playing huge rules in the new season.

However, Aguirre-Sacasa revealed in his official Twitter account and hinted that fans should brace for another character that might stir serious trouble.

In his post, a hand-drawn picture features a mysterious man called the Sugar Man and the twins Cheryl and Jason Blossom.

Now, there aren’t any connections yet between the masked perpetrator and this Sugar Man, but the show runner has already confirmed that this Sugar Man character is coming and the residents of Riverdale should start locking their doors.

Show runner affirms series won’t be a slasher film

The finale of “Riverdale” Season 1 left off with an unexpected cliffhanger and the first episode of the second season ended with another violent scene. The unidentified suspect has already claimed two victims and Fred was lucky to live through it.

With the sudden change in the show’s mood, Aguirre-Sacasa told Variety and assured fans that even though the new season will be darker than usual, it will not be become a slasher film, which is a subgenre of horror productions that usually involve a lot of violent killings.

The new season of “Riverdale” will continue to show a lot of troubled characters but it definitely won’t be a gore-fest. The reappearance of the mysterious killer is just there to spice up the series and to cloud Riverdale with constant threat and fear.