The fans have really been wondering how Mark Jansen and Elena Davies are doing since their time on "Big Brother 19." These two met on the show and it really seemed like Mark was a bit more into her than she was into him. Now, they are out of the "BB19" house and it turns out that they are still together.

Mark shares his thoughts on Twitter

Mark recently went to his Twitter account and shared his thoughts on Twitter. He said, "Feel like I belong in the D.R. after leaving @elenadavies getting a little emotional... I'm absolutely crazy about this girl ." These two have been spending a lot of time together and it is obvious that they are still together and going strong.

They are actually going to be spending ten days apart and that will be the longest amount of time they have been apart since they met.

How to get updates on the couple

Mark and Elena have both been doing a lot of live chats on Instagram with fans. They do live videos and sometimes they save them and other times they aren't saved so you can't watch them back later on. Elena even called him her boyfriend on her Instagram post saying she got one just in time for National Boyfriend Day. They are both making sure to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend in posts.

When Elena got welcomed home, Mark was with her. Now he is back in Buffalo but headed back to see her after ten days. It actually sounds like he might be moving to live with her soon if he isn't doing it already.

It seems like these two can't stand the idea of being away from each other at all. In one post, Mark just raves about her and has nothing but great things to say. He says, "June 21st BB19 move-in day my life changed! And the first time I laid eyes on her I knew I wanted to get to know her!! And every moment I had with her I wanted to look at her like she was the only woman I ever wanted to look at again Words can't describe how I feel about her and what she means to me❤️"

If you don't know it, Cody and Jessica are off now and filming the new season of "The Amazing Race." It is obvious they are still together and the fans can't wait to see how they end up doing on the show.

You never know if they could win it all.

Are you shocked to hear that Mark Jansen and Elena Davis are still together after "Big Brother 19"? Do you think these two will last? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss "Big Brother" when it returns to CBS with a big celebrity season coming up next. This is the first time that this has been done in the USA and the fans can't wait.