“Hawaii Five-O” flew off to a blazing start last week for the Season 8 premiere, and according to the ratings, numbers were burning, too. Reports are that the season opener “beat up on everybody.” The reception for a new cast member, Meaghan Rath, as Tani Rey, has been increasingly warm. Fans seem to appreciate that she is not a semblance of all that Grace Park brought to the role of Kono Kalakaua. She demonstrated her own brand of toughness and know-how with brandishing her weapon with Randy Couture in his return as arsonist Jason DuClair.

The whole world feels the need for heroes in the traumatic throes of the past week, and Alex O'Loughlin as Lt.

Commander Steve McGarrett came to the rescue of his team with a display of ingenuity and valor that exceeded even his own standards, pulling up the cabin containing everyone, and flying them away from the flames. The episode was heaping with heart, too, as Danny, portrayed by Scott Caan, falls deeper in love with his dream of an Italian restaurant Oahu’s Chinatown, and Steve signs on as a partner, making the deal legal. This is going to be a season of merging past, present, and a new future, holding onto everything that keeps the “Hawaii Five-O” “ohana” thriving.

With the good vibes surrounding the start of its new season, “Hawaii Five-O” and CBS went for a little switcheroo in air dates. The episode “Na la ‘ilio” (Dog Days) will air tomorrow, October 6.

Go ahead and get the tissues out, because this is the episode where Steve falls in love with a dutiful drug-sniffing dog and meets another ex-Navy Seal seeking a redeemed new life in Hawaii. Tears, smiles, and fur are sure to blend into a heart-tugger.

A little more love

Blasting News reported in August about the episode, revolving around the dog becoming the only witness to his owner’s murder, and the dutiful canine capturing Steve McGarrett's heart.

The idea for the daring commander to keep the dog came from Alex O'Loughlin himself. Executive producer, Peter Lenkov describes the story as “a really emotional journey.” Loyal “Hawaii Five-O” followers will lap up every minute of the new love connection between these “regulars”.

The episode preview has more of all the things that delight “Five-O” fans along the way.

Danny and Steve demonstrate the depth of their “bromance” right before the eyes of a backseat companion. He can't really believe what he's hearing, but nothing will be lost in translation for the viewers. Danny is challenged to “man up” for professional need, and no matter his inner qualms, “Danno” always musters whatever the case demands. A parachuting dive appears to be in order.

A fateful knock

Navy Seals share a brotherhood, too, and Beulah Koale makes his entrance to the cast as Junior Reigns, a Navy seal returning to his roots. He stands at Steve McGarrett’s door in deference to his leadership, offering a salute. Second chances are something that “Hawaii Five-O” never runs short of, and from Captain Grover (Chi McBride) to the beloved Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly, those chances have transformed characters’ lives. The quirky, the devoted dad, the tough, and the hero with his own hurts, all have a mission on this team, so there is always room for one more redemption.