"Big Brother 19" fans have been getting to know the houseguests all summer. They share details of their lives with the other houseguests, as the cameras catch it all for the live feeders. Christmas Abbott has spoken a few times of a broken engagement but hasn't shared a lot of details about it.

It appears that Christmas has been engaged twice. The first was to Josh Holmes. That came to a nasty end about a year before she announced her engagement to Geoff Kercher in "The Barbell Spin."

When Christmas was first introduced as a cast member of "Big Brother 19," she was said to be single.

This caused some of her large social media fan base to question her engagement status. There had been no updates since the announcement, which wasn't unusual for the couple. Christmas rarely mentioned him, and Geoff is a social media ghost.

No, the wedding wasn't postponed.

Their wedding date had been set for September 3, 2017. Fans noticed right away that Christmas Abbott was double-booked for today. The "Big Brother 19" finale is September 20, and Christmas isn't the type that would join the game without the intention of winning. Apparently, the two broke up before she entered the "Big Brother 19" house.

Christmas has teamed up with Josh Martinez in the "Big Brother 19" house. The two are working with Team Paul, and she is so loyal to Paul, she can't see what is happening and the part she is playing in Paul's plan.

Josh, on the other hand, is questioning Paul's plan.

Currently, Christmas is the HOH while Paul holds the POV. Jalex is on the block, Kevin would be the replacement nomination if one has to be named, and Jason is the target. Paul wants to use the POV to take Alex down. He has convinced Christmas that not only is it the best option, but it is also the only option.

What Paul means is it tightens his bond with Alex because he saved her. Josh sees that the plan to use the POV is only beneficial to Paul and causes more bad blood for himself and Christmas by nominating Kevin.

Do you think she will apologize tomorrow?

Christmas has had a bad day in the "Big Brother 19" house with Josh today.

He brings up his concerns, she convinces him to get back on board, they part, Josh thinks, and the cycle starts all over again. Earlier this afternoon she snapped. Christmas felt that he had walked off in the midst of their conversation. She let him know that as a grown woman and his game partner, she expected more respect and wouldn't tolerate being treated that way -- but her words were a lot more colorful.

Normally Christmas is level-headed in the game. She is definitely lost in Paul's world, but she is not one to argue with anyone when it isn't staged for a game move.Josh, being so sensitive and so close to her, may pick up on something having her on tilt and if game paranoia sets in, there may be some cracks in their duo.