When Lucifer opened a portal for his mother to disappear into in the Season 2 finale, we thought that was the last we saw of Charlotte. However, Tricia Helfer confirmed her return in season 3, although this time as the attorney Charlotte Richards. She also teased some exciting things happen when Charlotte returns with no knowledge about what happened to her, especially where it involves Lucifer Morningstar.

Season 2 finale recap

With the last piece from Uriel’s sword found and locked in place, Lucifer found a way to make his mother disappear for good.

While Amenadiel slowed down time, the devil had one final talk with his mother before she disappeared. Lucifer did not allow her to go back home. Instead, he opened a portal into another realm for her. He told her to start a new life away from her sons and in a new dimension where she will rule. The divine being then parted from her human host and walked into her new world. Lucifer threw the sword in with her. That was the last we saw of Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother, but not her human host Charlotte Richards.

Tricia Helfer on Charlotte’s return in ‘Lucifer’ Season 3

Helfer revealed in an interview with DC All Access that Charlotte tries to piece what happened to her. In a couple of episodes in the new season, she tries to figure out who she is.

She also gets flashes of familiarity when she meets Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). Of course, she does not know who he is and this is where their story plays out. Helfer teased that Charlotte fancies the Lord of Darkness. “What if she’s attracted to him,” she said in the video below. It would be interesting to see how Lucifer responds since he might still see Charlotte as his mother.

Past relationships

However, Charlotte still has to take care of one person before she showers Lucifer with interest. There is still Dan. She does not know that they were in a relationship. After all, it was Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother, who slept with the detective and not the attorney Charlotte Richards. Of course, Dan does not know this.

It would be fun to watch Charlotte’s reaction when the detective brings up their past together.

Chloe vs. Charlotte

It is also worth mentioning Chloe Decker (Lauren German). How will she react when she sees Charlotte making a pass on her partner? From the start, she believed that Lucifer and the attorney had a thing for each other but he always denied it. Will Charlotte pushed herself unto Lucifer enough to make Chloe jealous all over again?