"Little People, Big World" star Matt Roloff and current girlfriend Caryn May could be walking down the aisle in the near future according to new reports from IT. Reality television fans of "Little People, Big World" could be seeing another Roloff farm wedding taking place very soon if reports are accurate. Matt Roloff is reportedly getting very serious about his relationship with Caryn May.

Will wedding bells be ringing once again for Matt Roloff?

Matt and ex-Amy Roloff reunited this past weekend to work together at the Roloff family farm pumpkin patch.

Things appeared to have gone well, except for one thing. Caryn reportedly seized the opportunity to spend some quality time with Matt and Amy's son Jeremy. The two became quite chummy, talking, joking and having a great time together. However, this did not sit well with Amy Roloff at all.

It has been rumored that Matt and Caryn are getting real close to moving their relationship to the next level, which means the Roloff kids could be getting a new stepmom very soon. It has been two years since the reality star parents decided to end their 27-year marriage back in 2015. The divorce was not a pleasant one and as per TLC reality television, history reveals the Roloff family drama all played off during their reality television season.

Roloff family relationships still tense

The divorce between Matt and Amy was hard for the children to accept, especially Jeremey and his wife Audrey and had a nasty falling out with Amy over the situation. Thankfully, the family worked out their differences just in time for the arrival of Jeremy and Audrey's daughter Ember on Sept.

10. Both Amy Roloff and ex-husband Matt have moved on past their former marriage relationship and are happily involved with new partners.

Roloff employee injured during guest tour

Over the weekend the Roloff farm experienced a bit of drama after an accident resulting in a minor injury occurred during one of the farm tours. With pumpkin season in full swing, the farm is now overrun with guests.

One guest revealed to Radar Online that while taking a tour led by Audrey Roloff's mother one of the farm employees fell through a platformed walkway that led visiting guests to the farm's "Ghost Town" area startling guests.

Audrey Roloff's mom, Cendi quickly grabbed another plank and threw it over the hole and led guests through. However, the RO informant described the pathways as "clearly rotten" and was concerned because it appeared that there were many "overweight" guests taking tours that day and felt that safety was an issue.

Hopefully, the Roloffs have made the necessary repairs and that pumpkin season will continue on at the farm without further incident. Are you expecting a Roloff family wedding event to take place between Matt Roloff and Caryn May soon, and do you believe Amy and Caryn can work past their differences for the good of the family?