"Little People, Big World" star Molly Roloff is set to walk down the aisle on Saturday, August 5th, but things may not go off as smoothly as she would hope thanks to her parents Amy and Matt Roloff's issues. It appears that Amy and Matt Roloff are neither ones thrilled that the other is bringing their new boyfriend and girlfriend to Amy's wedding, and it has started some major drama just days before Molly's big day.

Amy and Matt Roloff drama over new love interests continue to build

InTouch reports that Amy is bringing new love interest Chris Marek as her date, and Matt is bringing Caryn Chandler as his.

This is causing friction between the two, and it is putting a dark cloud over Molly's wedding. Matt and Amy Roloff split up back in 2015 after a 27-year marriage. The split was not a pleasant one, and it has taken its toll on the family for the past couple of years.

Are the Roloff kids tired of their parent's attitudes?

New reports state that Matt and Amy have been bickering a bit over the other's date plans for Molly's wedding. Source's close to the family revealed to In Touch that it has the family worrying that their arguing and pettiness will get out of control and cause a blowup at the wedding. Combine the already irritated exes with some alcohol at the reception, and it could be a recipe for complete chaos.

We hope the two can put their differences aside and make nice for their only daughter's wedding ceremony.

It would be a shame if Molly and her soon-to-be new husband, Joel Silvius had to start their new lives together on a sour note because Matt and Amy let their anger towards each other get out of control. Matt and Amy Roloff announced their divorce news stating that they would be splitting, however, would remain cordial for the sake of their four children and their joint ownership business.

It has not been easy for the former couple to keep those promises. Their first family holiday's following their divorce was extremely difficult on all of the Roloffs. It meant that time with their children was now cut in half. It was obvious that Amy was bitter, and made mention of it during a past episode of Little People, Big World on what was her first Thanksgiving alone without her children.

In the same episode, Matt explained, “We knew [divorce] was going to be hard, but what we didn’t realize is that you have to share your kids with the in-laws.”

Again we hope the family can work through their differences not only for Molly's wedding on Saturday but as the 2017 holiday season nears.Do you believe Matt and Amy Roloff will keep their cool for Molly's wedding, or can we expect a major blow up?