Lili Reinhart is an up and coming actress who plays the role of Betty Cooper on the show "Riverdale." Reinhart has recently come forward with a story dealing with some very serious issues. The actress claimed that when she was only a teenager a fellow colleague tried to take advantage of her. She revealed her story to the media in an effort to draw attention to the state of the entertainment industry today.

The actress decided to share her story

According to the Daily Mail, actress Lili Reinhart, who stars on the hit series "Riverdale," has come forward with her story of Sexual Harassment.

The actress posted an intimate message to her Tumblr account and stated that in light of the Harvey Weinstein case, she wanted to share her own story with the world.

In a report by Women's Magazine, Reinhart stated that the incident happened when she was on a date with a colleague. She stated that while she was not comfortable giving any specific details of the event, she promised to share her story in the hopes that the public realizes the realities that women still have to face in today's world.

Reinhart explained that the man in question tried to force himself on her and that she resisted. She stated that she told him no several times but had to physically remove herself from the situation for him to stop in his approach.

In a report by Digital Spy, it was revealed that when Reinhart asked the man to drive her home he tried to drive her to his apartment instead. The actress stated that she somehow managed to convince him to bring her home and narrowly escaped a terrible situation.

Reinhart empathizes with Weinstein victims

According to Women's Magazine, Lili Reinhart decided to share her story because of the onset of allegations against film director and producer Harvey Weinstein.

It has been revealed that Weinstein used his position of power to sexually abuse and assault various women in the entertainment industry.

In a report by Digital Spy, Reinhart claimed that she understood how the victims of Weinstein feels having to come forward with their confessions of abuse. The actress stated that she did not speak up about her sexual harassment when it first happened because she was fearful of losing her career.

Reinhart has claimed that she has come forward to show the world how common these stories of sexual abuse and assault are in the entertainment industry. She wanted to raise her voice to help prove that women are being targeted and exploited in the entertainment industry and that this has to end.

Reinhart expressed her belief and solidarity with Weinstein's victims and is hoping that they get the justice that they deserve.