Blake Lively is one of the latest celebrities who has come forward with a story about the Sexual Harassment she suffered while on set. The actress revealed her story to the media in a bid to raise awareness about the state of the industry. Lively took all the necessary steps to ensure her protection, but it was clear that the producers did nothing for her at the time.

The actress opens up

According to Vanity Fair, actress Blake Lively decided to open up about her own story of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. Lively chose to share her story to show that the allegations being made against Harvey Weinstein did not begin and with him.

She wanted to draw attention to the realities of working in the entertainment industry as a woman.

In a report by Refinery 29, Blake Lively revealed that a makeup artist sexually harassed her. She decided to withhold the name of the individual who harassed her. Lively claimed that when he was applying makeup on her face he was saying some very inappropriate things to her.

However, this was not the only experience that Lively had with this unnamed individual. She stated that when she was sleeping one night on location, she woke up to find that he was filming her. She stated that she was fully clothed at the time but that she was thoroughly freaked out by his actions.

The man was not punished

According to Mashable UK, Blake Lively reported the incident to her producers.

She stated that she expected that they would do something and possibly even fire the man who had been harassing her all day. However, this was not the case. Instead, the producers said and did nothing about the individual who sexually harassed Lively.

The actress claimed that instead of firing the individual, she was approached by them and told off because her dog had defecated in her trailer.

They told her that her behavior was very inappropriate and that she could not let this happen again. Lively stated that she could not believe what she was hearing.

According to Vanity Fair, Lively did not drop the case there. Instead, she hired a lawyer and brought the case directly to him. Only when this action was taken did the producers fire the makeup artist from his job.

However, Lively revealed that before he was let go he was written a recommendation letter. She stated that the producers did not want there to be any hard feelings.

Blake Lively is one of many women who has spoken up about their experiences of sexual abuse and harassment in the entertainment industry.