Robert Pattinson and his engagement to fellow actor FKA Twigs has been in the media many times over the past few months. In the summer of 2017, it appeared that the couple was headed for a breakup. However, when this did not occur fans presumed that they were still happily together. Unfortunately, this was not the case and the pair has since broken up.

Pattinson is devastated

According to the Hollywood Life, Robert Pattinson is heartbroken after his split with his fiancé FKA Twigs. A source has stated that Robert was trying his best to make the relationship between the pair work.

They claim that he thought FKA Twigs was his soulmate and has taken their break up extremely hard.

In a report by the Hollywood Life, the source has gone on to state that Robert Pattinson feels like he made a huge mistake in his relationship. When he and FKA Twigs first began dating, they kept their relationship extremely secretive. Robert stated that he thought he was doing the right thing by giving them privacy as a couple, however, it appears that this backfired.

In a report by RTÉ, it was confirmed that the couple were together for three years and were engaged to be married. However, fans believed that there were serious problems in their relationship, as they had not been spotted out together over the last few months.

A photograph of Robert Pattinson enjoying dinner with Katy Perry was released online and it was clear that there was trouble in paradise.

The actor called off the engagement

According to RTE, Robert Pattinson was the one who called off his engagement to FKA Twigs. The actor felt like their relationship had too many problems to continue.

Pattinson broke the news to family and friends recently and the news has now made its way to the media.

In a report by the Hollywood Life, the couple has a lot of history together and the split will be difficult for both of them. It has been confirmed that there are still strong feelings between the couple but that they knew their relationship was no longer working.

Robert Pattinson allegedly got tired of their failing relationship and decided to be the one to call it off. However, this was a very difficult decision for the actor to make as he thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with FKA Twigs.

As of yet, there has been no comment from FKA Twigs about the situation. Her representatives have been contacted for a comment. Fans are devastated to see the couple has broken up however; some have been celebrating now that Pattinson is back on the market.

Robert Pattinson has not made an official statement about the split and it is clear that he needs time to grieve his relationship first.