In spite of her tough character inGame of Thrones,” Lena Headey is also a victim of sexual harassment. The 44-year-old came to light and revealed her horrible experience with Harvey Weinstein on her Twitter account.

Unfortunately, the incident didn’t just happen once. “The Purge” star shared two stories of her encounter with the movie mogul, and both of them are very disheartening.

Headey’s first encounter with Weinstein

Lena Headey first met Harvey Weinstein in 2005 at the showing of “The Brothers Grimm” at the Venice Film Festival.

The movie was under Miramax, co-owned by Weinstein.

She narrated that Weinstein asked him for a walk, and when she went with him, he made a suggestive gesture that she just laughed off. “I was genuinely shocked,” she said. Out of surprise, she just thought that he was just joking and nothing about it was serious.

She told him that if she kissed him, it would be like kissing her father, so she just asked him to get back to their colleagues and just have a drink instead. “I was never in any other Miramax film,” she confessed. Aside from that, she also revealed that she had been endlessly bullied by the movie’s director, Terry Gilliam.

The most fearsome incident

After a number of years, Lena Headey once again met Harvey Weinstein in Los Angeles.

With their first encounter, the “Game of Thrones” actress assumed that the incident between them would never happen again.

So, she thought that he had respected her boundaries and just wanted to talk to her about work, but she was wrong.

“He asked to meet me for breakfast,” she revealed. They talked about movies and filmmaking, but he later asked her about her love life. As she felt uncomfortable, she tried to shift their topic to “something less personal.” He then invited her to go to his hotel room as he allegedly wanted to give her a movie’s script.

While on the lift, Headey went on to say that her body went into full alert and frankly told Weinstein that she wasn’t interested in doing anything with him other than working. “Nothing is going to happen,” she insisted. He then became silent and furious. He then put his arm at her back, and they walked into the hallway to his room.

Fortunately, his key card didn’t work that made him so angry.

Weinstein then walked her back to the lift, down to the valet, grabbed and held her tightly on the back of her arm. He paid for his car and told her that no one should know about what happened. “I got into my car and cried,” she admitted. She revealed that this even made her feel so powerless.

Headey is the latest women who accused Weinstein of sexual assault. In fact, she is just one of the many women who got harassed by the 65-year-old film producer. Eight other women are accusing Weinstein of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior, including Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan, who accused him of rape.