Kendall Jenner's current relationship with Blake Griffin has been a source of interest for the media for many months now. The couple first began dating a couple of months ago and were spotted together numerous times. They have introduced each other to one another's friend and appear to be getting quite serious. However, Kendall Jenner has revealed that she is not looking for a serious relationship and this may cause trouble in paradise.

The model is enjoying dating

According to the Daily Mail, Kendall Jenner is not looking for a serious relationship right now.

The celebrity model has been attached to Blake Griffin as the pair have been spotted together on several dates. However, it has been confirmed by the Daily Mail, that Kendall does not want to take their relationship too seriously as she is extremely busy with her work.

In a report by Gossip Cop, things between the couple are certainly heating up as they have been together for several months now. In a report by the Daily Mail, a source close to Blake Griffin confirmed that he is crazy about Kendall. Griffin is doing everything he can to hold onto their relationship whereas Kendall does not reciprocate these feelings.

The source added that Griffin has fallen hard for Kendall Jenner and stated that Kendall thinks Griffin is fun to be around.

The celebrity model has a hectic schedule with her modeling work and does not want to enter into a serious relationship when she knows she cannot give a one hundred percent commitment.

The pair were spotted recently

According to Gossip Cop, the couple were spotted hanging out together recently and looked very cozy with one another.

In a report by the US Weekly, the couple was spending some time with a group of their friends. However, they could not take their eyes off one another for the entire night.

The group of friends went to the Creepy Cabana and went on some of the scarier rides. The Daily Mail has confirmed that Blake and Kendall were holding onto one another during these frightening encounters.

They then spent the rest of the night enjoying the food and live music that was provided at the venue.

In a report by Gossip Cop, it has been confirmed that the couple is not talking about having children. False reports have been circulating the internet that Blake and Kendall have been talking about the possibility of having children with one another. However, Kendall is not ready to be a mother, and these reports have been proven false. For now, she is simply enjoying the time she spends with Blake Griffin.

Kendall Jenner is extremely happy with the way things are going for her. However, it seems that Griffin would like to see more of commitment from her.