Harry Styles follows his fellow One Direction members who release their own album after the band went on a hiatus. As he now reveals his first solo single titled “Sign of the Times,” fans are now excited to for his coming LP in May.

Hence, as the 23-year-old star graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for the month of May, he along with his producer Jeff Bhasket revealed some details of his upcoming and highly-anticipated new album.

Album’s name & location

Did you know that his self-titled album almost had a different name? As Styles is opting to be a rock star, he wanted to call his LP as “Pink.” "Pink is the only true rock & roll color," he explained quoting Paul Simonon from The Clash.

He, too, almost used the title of his debut song, “Sign of the Times.” However, it is already used by Prince in his 1987 iconic album with the same title.

The new compilation has been recorded in England, California, and, surprisingly, in Jamaica. In fact, Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Bhasker, and the band used the Geejam studio near Port Antonio, the same place where Rihanna and Drake also recorded their music.

Concept & inspiration

Styles favorite subject in writing songs is love. As a matter of fact, he got even obsessed watching romantic-comedy movies while staying in Jamaica. He explained that if there is one subject that hits the hardest, it is love.

As he also talked about his failed relationship with Swift, he believed that some of her hit songs from her “1989” album are about him.

Unlike the female pop star, he stayed silent and didn’t reveal who he is singing for on his upcoming LP.

However, he mentioned that his recent relationship that happened over the past few years that already ended greatly affect his writing. And a lot believed that this was Kendall Jenner. Styles even admitted that the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star is a huge part of his album.

He even explained that sometimes he wants to tip his hat while feeling to give them the whole cap at times hoping that they know that his songs are for them, referencing Kylie Jenner’s sister.

One Direction will continue

Compared to Zayn Malik, the departure of the “Dunkirk” star from their band is much on a positive side. To recall, the partner of Gigi Hadid is somewhat cynical to the group that made him famous.

Hence, Styles assured that his new album is not yet the end of One Direction. He even asserted that he loves their band so much and would never rule out anything for it. He even gave it the credit for changing his life and giving him everything he has.