Episode 15 of "The Real Housewives of orange county" is titled, "Mystic Mistake." According to the synopsis for the show, Meghan will host a dinner party for her friends as they get aura readings from her psychic. It gets interesting when Shannon's reading is interpreted!

Psychic reading for Shannon

Vicki and Kelly sit out the dinner party. The pair isn't into the psychic thing and views the whole thing as a scam. When the psychic evaluates Shannon, she tells her that she's the type of person who's inquisitive. Shannon doesn't see this as a positive thing and questions her more about her analysis.

She proves the psychic's point at that moment.

'Life' given to David/Diko conversation

Shannon is still reeling from the exchange she had with Diko at his and Peggy's anniversary party. In talking with Tamra, Shannon is defensive of David and upset that her friend appears to be giving the situation "life" over her husband questioning Diko when it came to Peggy's breast cancer. Shannon is standing by her man, insisting that he never meant to interrogate Diko about Peggy and that he was merely trying to understand whatever he was confused about. Peggy didn't get the impression that David's questions came out of "concern," however.

Spoilers for the show also indicate that Shannon will confide to Tamra about the "current state of her marriage." In a preview shown during last week's "RHOC" episode, Tamra and Shannon's phone call ends after their tense discussion.

Shannon lashes out at Peggy

When the "RHOC" cast goes out, a scene between Shannon and Peggy erupts over the David/Diko issue. Peggy calls out Shannon for having her marital issues. Shannon feels bad the next morning about how she reacted to Peggy, and that's when she reaches out to Tamra on the phone.

In other "RHOC" spoilers for episode 15 of season 12, Vicki will see the cardiologist to "check up on her broken heart," Lydia and Doug plan a trip to Iceland as part of a business trip for Nobleman magazine.

Will things stay tense between Shannon and Peggy, and will Shannon's insecurity over the state of her marriage control how she gets along with others? Shannon is dealing with a lot this season with her weight problem and not getting over the affair that her husband had. She fears that David is going to hurt her again and is battling low self-esteem on top of everything else.

Episode 15 of "The Real Housewives Of Orange County" season 12 airs Monday, October 16 on Bravo at 9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT.