The Jonas Brothers aren't the top boy band around anymore, but the brothers are still living busy lives. Joe Jonas, the middle brother, is engaged to Sophie Turner. Their relationship has been kept pretty private, but everyone is happy for them. The Jonas family is more than happy to welcome Turner.

The relationship

Joe Jonas, 28, and Sophie Turner, 21, have been dating since November of last year. They were first spotted cozied up together at a concert in the Netherlands. They waited to post their relationship on Instagram until January. The two share a husky, named Porky Basquiat, and have recently been spotted sharing some public affection in Los Angeles.

The pair has nothing but positive things to say about their relationship. Turner told the U.K.'s "Sunday Times" in July that she's "in a relationship, but it's a very private relationship." Turner goes on to say that before she started dating Joe Jonas, she was a very isolated and private person. Her relationship has helped get rid of insecurities and she's been able to enjoy going out to dinners and parties and having fun with him and his family.

Overall, the two are extremely happy together. Turner has said that she's in a much better place in life now then she has ever been before. She enjoys the understanding between the two as celebrities since Joe understands how the industry works as well.

The happy engagement

Back in 2008, the family got their own reality show, "Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream." Although the series was about all of them, it focused a lot on Kevin Jonas and his marriage to Danielle Deleasa. The family seems to be a bit more excited to have Joe and Sophie's engagement announced without having to deal with a reality show this time.

On Sunday, both stars posted the same picture with two different captions. Joe's said "She said yes" while Sophie Turner's said, "I said yes."

The Jonas family couldn't be more excited to have this "Game of Thrones" star be part of their tribe. The age difference doesn't seem to bother anyone. Sources say that everyone is happy with the situation and that Turner is extremely different from all of the other girls that Joe has dated.

His brothers, Kevin and Nick Jonas, were among the first to congratulate the pair on their engagement.

Sources have said that Turner is very young, but she's very mature and definitely beyond her years. Joe used to date around a lot, but it has been different with her. She's definitely the one for him.