Jinger Duggar Vuolo was reared in an incredibly conservative household. The young woman, who is now celebrating her one-year anniversary with husband, Jeremy Vuolo, was not allowed to wear anything but long skirts growing up. Her media was restricted to that of only consuming "Godly" things, such as reading Christian books, watching Christian movies and listening to Christian music. Jinger has already made it clear that she is familiar with non-Christian music after endorsing her mother-in-law's charity, "Swan4Kids," which helps children of incarcerated parents through the power of music.

The charity does not only use Christian music in its repertoire, which has shocked some fans.

Jinger posts secular song lyrics

Jinger Duggar stunned her followers when she posted a photo of herself kissing her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and underneath it was the lyrics to Nat King Cole's song, "L-O-V-E." While Jinger grew up playing a myriad of instruments, the Duggar daughter was not allowed to listen to anything or play anything that wasn't Christian. Recently, a family friend, who produced an AMA (or "Ask Me Anything") on Reddit, stated that none of the Duggar Family members are really rebelling too much, but some have made the decision to watch secular films or participate in playing or listening to secular music.

This decision, however, is typically only made by Duggar children after they have gotten married and left their childhood home.

Jinger the 'rebel?'

Jinger has earned the reputation for being a "rebel" ever since she appeared on Instagram wearing pants. None of her sisters, even those who have gotten married, have dared to wear them, which has made her a bit of an outlier in the family.

Some have also thought she was a rebel due to the fact that she has yet to announce a pregnancy. In the Duggar tradition, almost everyone announces a pregnancy around three months after they get married. Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have been married for almost a year now and still haven't made a pregnancy announcement. This has some people wondering if the pair is using birth control, against their family's wishes, or if they are unable to have children at all.

The couple has made it clear that they are interested in having children, but are going to do so on their own time instead of what other people want them to do. Jinger's family has already pressured her, however, on an episode of the family's show, "Counting On."