Farrah Abraham recently announced that she was fired from MTV's "Teen Mom OG" after appearing in a string of adult films and cam shows. The Reality TV star, however, has been notoriously difficult for cast and crew to work with, as she has already been alienated from the rest of the women on the show. The reality TV star was not invited to a recent trip with the rest of the "Teen Mom OG" cast to Puerto Rico, and it has been made very clear that the "Teen Mom" cast does not get along with her. She has gotten into several online spats with other cast members via Twitter, and is often photographed away from them at events.

Did Farrah get fired for her 'adult films'?

Farrah Abraham claims that she was fired for participating in "adult films." The "Teen Mom OG" star was in her first adult film in 2013, a tape which she claimed was a leaked tape she had made privately in order to "celebrate her body." The cast and crew of the show didn't buy that, and Maci Bookout, fellow "Teen Mom OG" star, threatened to leave the show because Farrah's activities compromised her son, Bentley.

Farrah has continued her foray into the world of adult entertainment, and MTV hasn't exactly kept it a secret. Although she maintains she is not a porn star, she has struck lucrative deals with Cam Soda and other adult sites to continue her career.

She has also created lines of adult toys that have been sold under her name without a problem. So, is it really her adult film career that got her fired from "Teen Mom OG" or something else entirely?

Farrah has been notoriously difficult to work with

According to MTV producers who have worked on "Teen Mom," Farrah has been one of the most difficult women on the show to work with.

Abraham not only criticizes her fellow cast mates on a regular basis, but has also made things very difficult for those filming her. She has requested that crew members take off their shoes before coming into her house and has barred them from using the bathroom. Instead, Farrah insists that anyone taping the show in her house use a Port-a-Potty she set up in the front yard instead of being allowed to use her bathroom like her cast mates do.

She also appears to be the only cast member who is not close with any of her producers, and instead has been seen in conflict with them. On one episode of "Teen Mom," Farrah spent several minutes of the episode berating one of the head producers, calling him "white trash," and saying that she makes the show.