With the sixth season of 'Vanderpump Rules' right around the corner, a jaw-dropping new trailer dropped this morning, showcasing just some of the drama we should all expect when Jax, Stassi, and the rest of the cast make their return, and this time around, nobody's relationship is safe.

Fans of the franchise have spent five seasons to-date getting to know everybody behind the camera, rooting for many of their relationships and friendships to be maintained and make it through the rocky road that reality television can be. If this teaser for the upcoming batch of new episodes is anything to go by, it's not just Tom Schwartz's phone that's gonna end up broken.

Is James kissing another man in the new 'Vanderpump Rules' trailer?

One of the most exciting prospects for long-term fans of the show is the return of Lala Kent, who'll now be starring as a main cast member after spending both seasons 4 and 5 in a recurring role. Once bitter rivals with Katie Moloney, it would seem the pair have put their shady pasts behind them and moved onto greener pastures.

Charming Brit James Kennedy has also caused shockwaves with his scenes in the video, not only having a drink thrown in his face, but seemingly moving another man's sunglasses off his face so he can engage in some deep discussion - or could that be a kiss? Whilst the video seems very suspect, in the picture seen below, the pair's heads actually seem to be facing completely opposite directions.

We'll be keeping an eye on this one.

The questionable scene isn't the only thing to raise eyebrows for fans, as James and his once arch enemy Jax Taylor seem closer than ever before, forming a friendship that looks to now be unbreakable.

Other standout moments from the trailer include head honcho lisa vanderpump seeming to demand somebody hand over their resignation, while all of the cast members at one point or another scream and shout at each other, accusing each other of lying, sleeping around, and all of the usual stuff that makes 'Vanderpump Rules' must-see reality television.

The entire cast could be single by the end of S6

When it comes to all of the relationships formed on the show, not a single one is looking in good shape; Stassi Schroeder loses her boyfriend Patrick Meagher on their anniversary, Jax is physically attacked by Brittany Cartwright, Schwartz has no recollection of something he’s supposedly done to upset Katie, and Tom Sandoval is told by Ariana Madix that the pair should “just break the f**k up.”

Whatever the end result may be, you can bet we'll be tuning in this December when Season 6 makes its debut. You can too, by watching Bravo on Monday, December 4 at 9 PM and 10 PM ET/PT.