Jinger Duggar Vuolo may be the most rebellious Duggar (by their standards), but she has recently caught flack on social media for the fact that she is pretty privileged. It has previously been estimated that Jinger is worth about $2 million, thanks to her appearances on "Counting On" and the book she and her sisters have published about their lives as Duggar daughters. However, the relatively newlywed has never worked a traditional job, and garners most of her money from these appearances. Because of this, Jinger caught a ton of grief from her followers, who let her know that her life isn't exactly typical.

Photo of an empty movie theater stirs controversy

The whole thing started when Jinger posted a photo of herself and her husband Jeremy Vuolo in an empty movie theater, acting surprised that they were the only ones in the cinema on a Monday afternoon.

"Apparently the theater is not ‘the place to be’ on a Monday afternoon…good thing we got here early." Jinger Duggar Vuolo penned on her Instagram.

However, her followers were not having it, telling her that it was likely that most people were at work on a Monday afternoon, insinuating that because of the charmed lives Jinger and Jeremy lead, they weren't clued into this fact.

Fans have also speculated about the film that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo were watching, and many have deduced that they were watching "A Question of Faith.

" While Jinger may be more rebellious than the other Duggar siblings (by Duggar standards that is), she still sticks to the idea of not wanting to watch anything that might sway her faith.

Other Jinger Duggar Vuolo controversies

Jinger has earned the title of the most outlandish Duggar, but for most people, her "craziness" is not too far out there.

The 20-something daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar has opted to wear pants since she married her husband, Jeremy, which is a huge step for her. Most of the Duggar girls are only allowed to dress in "modest" skirts that go to the ankles.

Jinger and Jeremy have also not announced a pregnancy yet and have been married for almost a year now.

While this means nothing for most couples, the Duggar children almost all routinely announce a pregnancy three to four months after their wedding. Some think that Jinger may be using birth control to ensure that she had her husband aren't expecting any time soon, which is a huge no-no in the words of her mother, Michelle Duggar.