Jinger Duggar is known as the rebel Duggar child. She definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, even though it may cause tension within her family. The Duggars are incredibly big on toting around their religion and pushing their beliefs on others. When Jinger met Jeremy Vuolo, their courtship was more relaxed than anyone thought it would be. He had a colored past of partying but has since reformed himself into a Godly man. While Jim Bob Duggar may not have approved of him, Jinger appears to be the happiest out of her married siblings.

Jinger breaks the rules

Once married, you “belong” to your husband. Jinger Duggar was freed from Jim Bob's rules when she married Jeremy Vuolo last November. She began wearing pants and clothing that was more appropriate for young women her age. There has been no skimpy clothing worn, but she has gone sleeveless and worn shorts. Social media exploded when they showed photos of her in this type of apparel. No one was used to seeing a Duggar daughter with her arms or legs visible. They were taught to completely cover up as to not “tempt” the men in life and the men in their home.

As of now, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have not gotten pregnant. Rumors have circulated that the couple is using birth control, but they have not publicly confirmed that.

Both parties seem to be enjoying life and Texas. They have traveled back to Arkansas for the recent weddings, but Jinger isn't as homesick as people thought she would be. Her new life is something she enjoys because she has more freedom than she's ever had.

The Vuolos have their own beliefs

According to Cafe Mom, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have their own set of beliefs.

Of course, they are still following God's word, but they are a little more relaxed whereas Jim Bob Duggar wanted full control. Jinger is the only sister who didn't immediately fall pregnant and become another version of Michelle Duggar. She is able to do things with her husband without finding sitters or having to be up all night with an unhappy baby.

Their beliefs are in line with the Bible, just not as extreme. After all, Jeremy is a pastor in a church down there.

While Jinger Duggar may not follow the extreme beliefs her parents do, she isn't slamming them for it. She understands what they want and it is okay with her. Jinger is her own person and Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle did a good job with her. Jeremy Vuolo loves his wife and he isn't worried about what she wears or anything else superficial.