Jinger Duggar continues to rock her new favorite ensembles, shorts, and pants. When she was still in the Duggar residence in Arkansas, she was raised wearing skirts and dresses. However, she defiled the Duggar's dress code when she lived with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, in Texas, and started wearing shorts. The "19 Kids and Counting On" fans were shocked when they saw Jinger wearing shorts for the first time, but they eventually got used to it as Jinger continues to wear the same clothing. Is Jinger doing this to show that she's free of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's rules?

Jinger does what most Duggar ladies can’t afford to do

Jinger surprised the fans and followers of the Duggars when she wore shorts for the first time. It was a huge issue because those following the “Counting On” family knew that the ladies in the family are not allowed to wear shorts or pants. However, according to The Hollywood Gossip, Jinger continues to wear these forbidden wardrobe choices. This is very visible on her Instagram. Her social media followers encouraged her to do so by praising her new get up. Jinger can be seen wearing tight pants and shorts on several occasions already. Her fans are already getting used to seeing her in those outfits.

Aside from her surprising choice of clothing, Jinger also engaged in activities that a typical Duggar girl would probably not do.

For instance, she held a gun and did target shooting. She also did ice skating with her husband, Jeremy. Jinger is enjoying the time of her life. Those following her are happy to see that she is enjoying her freedom. Her life is very different now compared to the years when she was still bound to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s strict parenting.

Jinger Duggar is different from her sisters

Aside from the facts mentioned above, Jinger has done a number of things that are quite different from her sisters. For instance, compared to her married sisters Jill, Jessa, and Joy-Anna Duggar, she is the only one who has no child or is not expecting yet. Jill and Jessa have two kids already.

Meanwhile, Joy-Anna, who walked down the aisle four months ago, is already pregnant.

In addition to this, she is the only member of the family who left Arkansas after getting married. Everyone else is still living in the same state. Her older sister Jill and brother-in-law Derrick Dillard lived in Ecuador for a year for a mission, but they did not plan to live there for good.

While the Duggar ladies are expected to be good at managing a home, Jinger is an obvious beginner. She’s not as good as Jana in the kitchen, but she knows how to bake and serve her husband. In fact, her baked pumpkin muffin is Jeremy's all-time favorite. But what Jinger lacks in household chores, she compensates for with her talent in arts and music. She is good at playing the piano and capturing photos.

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